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Protect your Staff, customers, and facilities with Avigilon Camera Systems

Video Security Camera Solutions from Metrocom

Keep Your Employees And Facility Safe With Our Video Security Cameras

Safety and security are challenges every business is facing. There are many threats to your business and staff, including theft and employee violence. While most businesses use security camera systems to protect their assets and staff, there can be issues with poor video quality, inability to quickly search videos, and human error.

Metrocom, in partnership with Avigilon, takes care of all that for you with high-definition video that can be used as evidence when needed. Metrocom also provides professional grade security camera solutions and services with full integration to Avigilon AI Analytics and Video Storage platforms. Leveraging AI-driven video analytics software allows you to quickly identify threats so you can take action. This means more efficient use of your security resources while also providing a safer environment for employees and visitors.

Avigilon Video Camera Features

Protect Your Business, Staff and Visitors

Business and government customers are looking for reliable and clear video footage to protect their business, team, and customers. Some issues experienced with existing CCTV systems are poor video quality and coverage, no ability to search videos for people or objects, and not having access on a centralized security platform.

Metrocom in partnership with Avigilon, have robust and future-facing security camera systems to protect your facilities, staff, and customers. Avigilon is the world’s leading provider of intelligent video management systems, they offer an end-to-end solution that includes high-quality cameras, with features such as automatic IR beam, integrated audio capabilities, advanced facial recognition, explosion and high temperature cameras for all environments. With Metrocom and Avigilon you can be confident knowing your employees and assets are safe at all times.

Avigilon Network Video Recorders from Metrocom

Video Recording and Storage For Business and Government Customers

To keep your business secure, you need a high-performance security solution that can be scaled to meet your needs. Traditional surveillance systems can be complicated and out-of-date before they’re even installed. And, it’s hard to get an accurate picture of what’s really going on when you have hundreds of hours of video footage sitting on servers collecting dust.

Avigilon Network Video Recorders offer clear advantages over legacy DVRs—including higher recording capacity, more storage options and greater flexibility for future upgrades. It also provides advanced features like Appearance Search technology which enables users to search for people based on their clothing or other identifying characteristics. With these benefits, an Avigilon Network Video Recorder ensures that your team has the right tools necessary to stay vigilant about threats while maintaining peace of mind for everyone.

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