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Prevent Theft With Avigilon’s Access Control System

Businesses are exposed to a number of risks, including theft and vandalism. Because the safety of your business and employees is paramount, in the event of a robbery or security breach, you need to be able to respond quickly and effectively. Your business has security needs that go beyond the basic features of an off-the-shelf access control system. You need a solution that’s flexible, scalable, and customizable to fit your specific requirements.

Metrocom believes there are many advantages that come with controlling access to your building through an access control system. For one thing, it can help deter potential thieves from targeting your business because of the leading-edge security systems installed. Additionally, access control prevents unwanted people from entering secure areas such as labs, inventory, and manufacturing facilities. If someone does manage to get past the locked doors, a good access control system can also alert you and take action automatically. This makes it easier for you to protect both people and property within your facility.

Identity Management for Your Business from Metrocom

High Performance Access Control for Your Business

Traditional access control is a huge problem for many businesses. You need to know who’s entering your building, but you also want to make sure that only the right people are allowed in. Your business also has a lot of valuable assets that need to be protected. You can’t afford to let anyone in without knowing who they are and why they’re there.

The solution is Avigilon’s Access Control solution. Avigilon’s Access Control system from Metrocom allows you to register visitors and print badges in seconds by scanning an ID. Plus, our access control software has features like visitor logs and alarms that let you see who attempted entry into a door or room. Avigilon’s Access Control is a physical access control system designed for enterprise-class installations that offer superior protection against unauthorized entry into facilities. Avigilon’s Access Control Manager also offers flexibility by allowing users to create multiple roles with different levels of permissions.

Security Camera Integration from Metrocom

Stop Unauthorized Entry With Video Verification

Security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. You need to have eyes and ears everywhere – but sometimes, that’s not possible. It’s critical to have the right tools in place to protect your assets and people, while also ensuring that you’re compliant with industry regulations.

Avigilon’s video solution for access control provides alerts and visual verification of who has entered the building, as well as their location within it. This allows you to respond immediately to unauthorized entry attempts from any location in real time, improving response times and reducing false alarms. Video analytics are applied to the video feeds from Access Control Manager, which enables users to identify patterns of behavior that could represent threats or suspicious activity on site by providing an added layer of intelligence into traditional access control systems. This solution is just a part of a larger platform to keep you, your staff and business safe. We also offer alarm management with audible alerts and remote door lock and unlock to ensure the security of your most valuable assets.

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