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Metrocom Telecommunication Solutions for Government Agencies

Improve Government Operations with Wireless Communications

Government agencies strive to assist the public in the Greater New York Area daily. Now more than ever, government agencies are asked to do more with less. However, in an ever-changing environment, agencies often find themselves using outdated technology systems that don’t meet today’s needs. This can lead to a breakdown in communication within and between departments, which means safety issues and work stoppages due to communications downtime.

The ability to communicate effectively is vital for the success of any government organization. As technology evolves, so must communication methods. Metrocom is the leading provider of wireless communications solutions for public works, traffic and public transportation departments in the Greater New York Area. We have been providing superior solutions and services for more than 40 years, but our commitment to innovation never wavers. We stay ahead of the curve by offering state-of-the-art wireless telecom solutions with exceptional customer service. Our experts will help you navigate through your agency’s next upgrade while ensuring that you receive value from your investment.

Government Telecommunications Solutions

Connect Your Staff to Better Serve the Community

Public works, traffic control and public transportation departments need to communicate in order to work efficiently. Unfortunately, in most cases, they don’t have the right communication systems to achieve total connectivity. This leads to neglected infrastructure, public transportation delays, and safety concerns for the employees and citizens.

Metrocom understands the importance of a connected community, and we offer a complete telecom platform that makes it easy for government departments to communicate instantly. We have partnered with Motorola Solutions to offer leading edge Two-Way Radio Systems and Video Security Solutions on an integrated telecommunication platform. Our solutions can be used by any department for daily use or in emergency situations.

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Government Telecommunications Services

Maintain and Service your Vital Telecom Systems

Government entities are tasked with managing a wide variety of assets, including facilities, vehicles, and critical infrastructure like roads and water supply. Making sure critical telecommunications systems are well maintained can be difficult, especially when preparing for emergencies or disasters. If your communications technologies are not built for the worst-case scenarios, the outcome could be devastating for your department and community.

Metrocom offers a full suite of wireless communications services that cover every aspect of your operations. Whether it’s system design or installation, we can meet all of your requirements and keep your team safe and productive on the job. Our services include technology system design, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing service and maintenance agreements. Contact us today so we can help plan and maintain your critical communications systems.

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