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The hospitality industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of guests. As a hotel manager, it’s important that you have the right communication tools in place to keep your property running smoothly, and to help your staff service and keep guests safe. Hotel owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their guest experience while reducing costs. One way they can do this is by choosing the right telecommunications systems for their business.

Metrocom, in partnership with Motorola Solutions, has experience designing, installing, and maintaining telecommunication systems for hotels. From Motorola digital radios systems for staff communications, to in-building coverage solutions for Public Safety agencies, hotel staff, or guest cellular reception, Metrocom in the Greater New York Area can help. Our solutions and services are designed to allow your team seamless communications across multiple departments. You will be able to create an efficient and safe work environment where employees are always communicating clearly with one another—regardless of location on site. This will allow them to work more efficiently, which will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue, less downtime, and improved customer response times.

Metrocom Hospitality Solutions

Integrated Hotel Communications Systems 

The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive, with expectations rising daily. To stay ahead in the industry, hotels need to ensure that their guests have a high-quality experience from start to finish. This means that every staff member needs access to systems that helps them do their job better, while also ensuring the team can communicate effectively.

Metrocom has a range of solutions for each staff role so you can be sure your hotel team will always have what they need. Our Motorola radio systems are easy-to-use and intuitively designed so staff can quickly start using the radios. Accessories are key for hotel radios, and allow staff to communicate clearly, and without disrupting guests. Sleek earpieces, rapid rate chargers, and Bluetooth audio accessories help with staff adaptation to guest needs and improved response times. Additionally, Metrocom can deliver in-building coverage solutions, security camera systems, and other innovative technologies for your hospitality business.

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Metrocom Hospitality Services

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Your business is only as good as your ability to communicate. If you can’t get a hold of employees or other key personnel when you need them, it could cost you revenue and property security. But, many hotels have a hard time keeping their systems in top shape. Your business depends on your telecommunications systems to be dependable, secure, and efficient. You can’t afford for it to let you down when you need it most.

Metrocom is the best choice for any hospitality business looking to keep its telecom systems running well. Our team at Metrocom has years of experience installing and maintaining all types of wireless communications systems for hospitality businesses just like yours in the  Greater New York Area. We know how important it is to keep everyone connected 24/7, no matter where you are located on the property. Our team of experts can help design, install, maintain, and support your system so that you never have to worry about downtime again.

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